Will Refurbishment be the Architectural Specialization of the Future?

Will Refurbishment be the Architectural Specialization of the Future?

The choice of Lacaton & Vassal to receive the 2021 Pritzker Prize was, above all, emblematic. Under the mantra “never demolish, never remove or replace, always add, transform and reuse”, the French duo built a career focused on renovating buildings, providing them with spatial quality, efficiency and new programs. Their approach contrasts with most of the architecture we are used to honoring: iconic, imposing and grandiose works. It also contrasts with the notion of

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10 top-rated storage solutions for a small kitchen

If you’re an apartment dweller in a metropolitan city, you likely understand the struggle of having a relatively small kitchen. Beyond the obvious lack of square footage, you may also be dealing with a limited amount of drawers or overcrowded cabinets. Regardless of why you’re curious about streamlining your kitchen, there are actionable steps you can take and products you can buy to help make your kitchen more functional. To help, we asked a home organizational expert to share her favorite organization hacks and shopping advice. We also rounded up highly-rated items and asked one expert to share her thoughts

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The interior designs that will fetch you the maximum selling prices on Airbnb

The interior variations that will make you the most cash on Airbnb likely will not shock you. These well-loved decorating types advise leisure and exciting, every in its very own exceptional way.

If you happen to be asking yourself how to develop into an Airbnb host, then this listing* of top-grossing inside types is perfectly worth discovering.

1. Cottagecore

Cottage style

(Impression credit rating: Brent Darby/Long term/Styling Pippa Blenkinsop)

Cottagecore is all the rage on Instagram and Pinterest ideal now, but it turns out that Airbnb travellers also seriously extravagant staying in cottage-model residences in real life. If you have adorned

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How to Avoid Home Improvement and Contractor Scams

  • Researching contractors on Google and social media before you sign a contract is crucial.
  • Asking certain questions during interviews can help spot problematic contractors. 
  • Experts say you should avoid paying more than 30% of the total project cost up front.
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With the home-improvement industry booming and homeowners increasingly opting to hire professionals for remodels, some experts are urging customers to be wary of potential scams.

“There are rough characters in the industry,” Ross Smith, a salesman at RL Rider Remodeling, said. “You can be out of money in

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Nanogenerator wood flooring powers lightbulbs with footsteps

The plan of utilizing human movement to crank out electric power is some thing we have viewed applied to a lot of locations, such as footwear, roadways and, just this 7 days, motion-powered mesh that heals injured tendons. Among the these choices is flooring that can crank out vitality to electric power electronics, and ETH Zurich experts have now designed a remarkably successful type of this technological know-how and demonstrated its abilities by powering a lamp with footsteps.

We’ve seemed at a range of impressive flooring options that can make energy from human motion more than the many years, which

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How to adorn your home for Halloween on a price range

Here’s how you can get your property Halloween completely ready with no blowing a horrifying amount of money of income.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — (The online video above is from a Good Early morning Jacksonville phase from 2019)

It really is the very first weekend of September, which means it can be time to begin contemplating about Halloween decorations. 

Consider it really is as well early for witches and warlocks? Ghosts and ghouls? Unattainable.

Let the neighbors decide all they want, Halloween is the ideal vacation of the calendar year, which makes it totally appropriate to get started decorating early.


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