Domino’s, Wendy’s and Popeyes ordered shut with traveling insects in kitchens

Beneath is a list of sites requested shut in South Florida, together with some of their violations.

Restaurant inspections are completed by the Florida Office of Company and Specialist Regulation.

All of the areas stated had been allowed to re-open next an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.




INSPECTION Based ON Grievance

Ordered SHUT 8/10/21

15 VIOLATIONS Observed

“Live, little flying insects in kitchen area, meals preparing space, foods storage location and/or bar place. Noticed about 10+ stay modest flying bugs at the entrance counter landing on the lemonade units, bread warmer, inside of a container of bacon by the grill, on the wall up coming to the frosty equipment, and on cups at the entrance counter. Noticed 2 reside smaller traveling insects on the wall by again doorway marked exit, 2 flies on the wall in the soda dispensary spot, 2 modest stay traveling insects within the men’s bathroom, and 10+ are living traveling bugs in the dining space on home windows and tables. Noticed 2+ live modest flying insects on paper bags and toilet tissues on again shelves by the stroll in cooler.”


“Food contaminated by workforce/individuals and operator ongoing to serve food items. See prevent sale. Noticed a bag of hamburger buns in a box with made use of gloves on the kitchen area ground.”

“Time/temperature management for safety foodstuff, other than complete meat roast, very hot held at fewer than 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Noticed cooked chili in a incredibly hot holding device at 70°F, at the entrance counter. Manager was encouraged to reheat. General Supervisor reheated chili to 207°F.”

“Bathroom facility in disrepair. Men’s and women’s lavatory toilet parts are not thoroughly clean.”


1865 SOUTH University Travel


Ordered SHUT 8/9/21

10 VIOLATIONS Observed

“Live, small flying bugs in kitchen area, foods preparation region, food stuff storage region and/or bar region. Noticed about 25 landing on prep desk in the kitchen, on cleanse, sanitized containers, on fried hen at keep keeping station at entrance counter, on container with liquid margarine, on bun chute, on cost-free design soda equipment nozzles.”


“Stop Sale issued because of to food not remaining in a wholesome, seem issue. Stay, tiny traveling bugs in kitchen area, foodstuff preparation region, food storage space and/or bar location. Noticed about 2 landing on fried rooster at warm keeping station at entrance counter.”

“Food-speak to floor soiled with foodstuff debris, mildew-like material or slime. Observed dry storage containers dirty with uncooked chicken juice and food particles.”

“Raw animal meals saved around/not correctly separated from all set-to-consume food stuff. Observed pans of raw chicken above buckets of pickles and containers of hen batter. Operator saved uncooked chicken properly.”

“Hand wash sink not accessible for personnel use at all moments. Noticed hand wash sink blocked by support cart. Operator removed cart.”



Vital WEST

Requested SHUT 8/10/21

9 VIOLATIONS Uncovered

“Live, tiny traveling bugs in kitchen, food preparing spot, foods storage area and/or bar space. Observed 20+ stay flies less than preparation table by the walk in cooler doorway, about 8+ are living flies flying earlier mentioned 3 compartment sink spot, 10+ are living flies flying inside of filthy towel hamper, roughly 8 stay flies on dough trays around the stroll in cooler.”


“Ceiling/ceiling tiles/vents soiled with accrued foodstuff particles, grease, dust, or mold-like material. Above washer device.”

“Time/temperature manage for basic safety foods chilly held at bigger than 41 levels Fahrenheit. Observed chicken (51°F – Chilly Keeping) salami (63°F – Cold Holding) rooster breast (57°F – Cold Keeping) located inside preparation chilly keeping unit behind the oven. for less than 4 hours as for every operator. Operator positioned the foods things inside wander in cooler.”

“Food manager certification expired.”

“No proof of needed state accredited worker coaching furnished for any workers.”




Requested SHUT 8/12/21


“Rodent activity present as evidenced by rodent droppings found. Noticed on flooring in retail store space by kitchen 45 droppings. Shop room has a doorway with gap along the base. Driving glass entrance cooler together ground up coming to walk in freezer positioned in kitchen area 11 droppings. Operators eradicated the droppings, cleaned, and sanitized the parts.”


“Pesticide/insecticide labeled for residence use only present in establishment. Can of family bug spray less than entrance counter at sign up.”

“Time/temperature regulate for security meals, other than complete meat roast, incredibly hot held at fewer than 135 levels Fahrenheit. Noticed in kitchen area Hot BOX – boiled plantains (118°F – Sizzling Holding) stewed chicken (122°F – Sizzling Keeping) stewed fish (125°F – Hot Holding). For every worker in box much less than 2 hours. Goods moved back to stove to reheat previously mentioned 165F for appropriate warm holding.”

“Food manager certification expired.”

***ANKARI 51



Ordered SHUT 8/11/21

14 VIOLATIONS Observed

ALSO Ordered SHUT 6/10/21

“Rodent exercise current as evidenced by rodent droppings identified. Observed 10 rodent droppings in the storage area behind the chest freezer. Noticed 4 rodent droppings at the rear of the ice device in close proximity to the rear kitchen area door. Noticed 1 rodent dropping underneath a shelf storing bottled water in the shop place and 1 rodent dropping less than a shelf holding single use things in the similar retailer space.”


“In-use utensil not saved on a clean part of foods preparation or cooking equipment. Observed a cooking utensil saved on a soiled fuel line. Manager removed product to the dish area the cleanse and sanitize.”

“Dish device chlorine sanitizer not at right minimum strength. Discontinue use of dish machine for sanitizing and set up guide sanitization until dish machine is repaired and sanitizing appropriately. Noticed solution at 0ppm chlorine.”

“Raw animal meals not correctly separated from a person one more primarily based on minimum amount essential cooking temperature when stored in a freezer – not all items commercially packaged. Noticed raw beef saved more than uncooked fish in the attain-in freezer. Employee rearranged merchandise for correct storage.”

“Proof of expected state accredited staff schooling not offered for some staff.”




Ordered SHUT 8/9/21


18 VIOLATIONS Uncovered

“Rodent action existing as evidenced by rodent droppings discovered. Observed 20 + rodent droppings underneath a storage shelf with container of sugar, flour, and spices situated by the back again door, observed 30+ rodent droppings below the pizza oven located in the kitchen area location.”

“Accumulation of black/eco-friendly mildew-like material in the inside of the ice machine/bin.”

“Ceiling/ceiling tiles/vents soiled with amassed food items particles, grease, dust, or mold-like compound. Kitchen area location.”

“Food-make contact with floor dirty with foods debris, mold-like compound or slime. Oven.”


1636 SE 3RD Court docket

DEERFIELD Beach front

Ordered SHUT 8/9/21

4 VIOLATIONS Discovered

“Roach activity current as evidenced by dwell roaches discovered. Observed 1 live roach on cook line. Operator disposed of cleaned and sanitized region Noticed approximately 10 are living roaches on store vac located less than ware washing spot. Operator taken off store vac from establishment right away Observed about 5 remaining in area under ware washing region. Observed 1 reside roach coming from behind water heater situated subsequent to ware washing spot. Operator disposed of. Noticed 1 reside roach on prep desk where slicer and mounted can opener are positioned Operator is doing the job on cleansing up locations at time of inspection.”


“Dead roaches on premises. Observed 1 dead roach on remaining aspect of pizza line Observed 3 dead roaches on prepare dinner line, operator cleaned and sanitized location. Observed 2 lifeless roaches on containers of canned pizza following to mixer in again of residence Observed 3 dead roaches on wall mounted holder for chemical container dispensers, operator cleaned and sanitized region. Noticed 1 dead roach less than dish rack keeping clean wares outside the house of not in assistance wander in cooler. About 5 lifeless roaches less than ware washing space Operator states procedure was finished final night.”

“Dish device chlorine sanitizer not at correct minimal energy. Discontinue use of dish device for sanitizing and established up handbook sanitization until finally dish device is repaired and sanitizing effectively. Dish machine tested at 0ppm . Operator primed sanitizer, retested at 50ppm.”

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