polycarbonate sheet partitions + custom electrical retailers adorn business interior in tokyo

atelier generate has done the interior of a tiny office for a tech start-up business found in a tranquil space of minami aoyama, tokyo. the uncovered concrete interior walls are adorned with polycarbonate hollow sheets that provide as partitions, giving privacy but continue to enabling organic light-weight to permeate the unique rooms. in the meantime, the studio has resolved to build custom layouts for all electrical outlets of the place, turning them into a unified set up that assists produce a modern, nominal, and useful setting for the workforce. 

exterior see
all pictures courtesy of yasunori nakano, unless mentioned usually



whilst atelier publish was at first meant to design just the president’s room, lead designer takuya sakamoto considered that going over all the unique spaces would appreciably boost the high quality of the whole place of work. hence, the design and style crew proceeded to replan the workspace in its entirety. the challenge was at some point shaped to supply a president’s office, a conference home that doubles as a position where by various workforce can perform, as perfectly as a seminar space for engineer schooling for other businesses. nevertheless, the customers questioned that the price would not exceed the primary general specs. 

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 8
exterior watch (conference place)



tiny private rooms, these as the president’s and the seminar area, had been put towards the road correct following to the windows, so as to link with the outside and visually broaden the house. polycarbonate hollow sheets had been picked as a finishing materials for the partitions, so offering the gaze shielding functionality although ensuring adequate daylight all through the whole interior. 

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 2
seminar room



lots of electrical stores have been required for the use of servers, interaction products, seminars, etc. meanwhile, the rooms are compact, so the electrical retailers are fairly obvious within the room, and lead to defining a certain design and style character. with this in head, atelier produce resolved to give a custom look for these retailers. initial, in order to prevent difficulties, the foundation metal LGS was reduce and the electrical outlets were being immediately embedded to connect them flat. in addition, to unify all the electrical outlets’ set up, LGS is utilized continually on the walls or converted to wiring ducts on the ceiling. in addition, the steel body of the electrical stores was uncovered without the need of a include plate to harmonize with the texture of LGS.

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 7
president’s home



by functioning on products and aspects that are generally overseen, takuya sakamoto intended to convert them into a exceptional addition and a optimistic presence inside of the workspace. the purposeful and stoic visual appearance of the lights attributes is also joined to the company’s normal mind-set. though the scale of places of work is shrinking owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the have to have for genuine workplaces is becoming reaffirmed, and that is why the atelier create team aimed to insert worth these types of as individuality and attachment with least means.

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 3
LGS wiring duct + electrical outlet (seminar area)

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 4
LGS board stud + electrical outlet (seminar area)

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 9
LGS wall + electrical outlet (entrance)

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 1
LGS wall stud + lights change (seminar space)

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 6
LGS wall + electrical outlet (president’s home)

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 11
impression courtesy of atelier compose


small office in minami aoyama tokyo 12
section (inside elevation)
image courtesy of atelier generate

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 10
image courtesy of atelier create



venture details:


name: little workplace in minami aoyama
design studio: atelier compose
lead designer: takuya sakamoto
client: neugate
construction: mirainoyuuki
electrical construction: ken denken
help: ENDO lighting (illuminance calculation)
location: minami aoyama, tokyo, japan
ground location: 65 sqm
photography: yasunori nakano



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