Riverside’s oldest residence bought, finding interior rehab

Is new life about to be breathed into Riverside’s oldest house? No matter if or not we’ll be capable to notify substantially from any improvements completed to the exterior, which at this place seem to be modest, the inside of the developing at 78 Pine Ave. is in for a complete overhaul, according to the architect hired by the home’s new operator.

Despite its intensely altered state and the fact that it’s approximately invisible from Pine Avenue due to a tangle of overgrowth bordering it, the property at 78 Pine Ave. is a nearby landmark.

Developed by William and Jane Wesencraft close to 1855, the building predates Riverside’s founding. The Wesencrafts marketed a portion of their 26.5-acre property to the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad in 1862 to permit for the railroad’s design as a result of the space, but their land was not component of the Riverside Enhancement Company’s 1869 strategy of the village.